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Thank you for visiting my page! Although long overdue, I am excited to finally have my website up and running. As I travel from coast to coast preaching the gospel, I have many people inquiring about booking information and my event schedule. Therefore, I figured it would be best to have one central location online where everyone can find the desired information, for example where I will be speaking, how to book me for an event, my testimony and my stance on biblical doctrine, etc. In addition, I plan to begin a blog! While taking into account my schedule is often hectic, I will be blogging as frequent as possible. But I need YOUR help, I don’t want to write about what “I” feel would be interesting for someone else to read. Instead, I want to blog responses to YOUR feedback. Perhaps you have unanswered questions, you desire to grow in regards to a certain topic, you’re struggling to understand a certain biblical principle, or whatever else the questions is I would love to hear your feedback. Your question submissions can be theological or personal. Also, your questions may be concerning event journals, articles, doctrinal viewpoints, commonly misused scriptures, along with various other topics. Please send me your questions and feedback at IsaiahBlog@yahoo.com. I am thrilled to read your responses and to begin writing. Once again, thank you for visiting my site and supporting me through my journey, stay tuned for new content and blog posts.

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